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Product: Mood Lighting

Material: Fiber Optics, Concave 

& Convex Glass, Phosphorescent

Type: Sustainable / Material

Year: 2019

Moodaphone reintroduces personality and deliberate choices in ambiance.It takes advantage of modern technology and advanced materials to provide a new take on mood lighting. One that is greener, more customizable, tactile, and engaging, with no complicated electronics. 

This experimental project is motivated by a desire to get back to basics, and to cut out some of the electronic noise that permeates our daily lives. Sidestepping the constant software updates required by and data gathering facilitated by modern devices, Moodaphone utilizes phosphorescent materials to simplify mood lighting in a physical way, with the mood specified using interchangeable phosphorescent disks.

20_0403 IMG_0290.jpg

Understanding how our living

environment can be determined

by our mood.

Looking into the moods that

different spaces in the home

provide in order to create 

the moods of the disks.

mooodi.018 bw.jpg
IMG_0244 Kopie.jpg
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