Product: Lighting

Material: Fiber Optics, Concave &

Convex Glass, Phosphorescent

Type: Sustainable Design

Year: 2019

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Moodaphone reintroduces personality and deliberate choices in ambience.

It takes advantage of modern technology and advanced materials to provide

a new take on mood lighting. One that is greener, customizable, tactile and engaging. With no complicate electronics. The Moodpahone allows the user to

more understand and own their environment. 

We accept what companies tell us is digital wellbeing and let devices and products

in our home control our moods and especially devices bombard us with statistics and just more electronics.  With digital interfaces that require constant software updates and

hardware updates. And to meet this demands an increasing amount of gold,

silver and precious minerals are being excavated from the earth of developing

countries ending up in circuit boards in smart appliances. 

*work in process 

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