FIO / 2020

Fio is a handmade hairbrush which was launched for the  portuguese brand Origin Made

it has been shown in Stockholm Design week in February 2020. Fio, which means thread in Portuguese, is a hair brush that celebrates the craftsmanship of Escovaria de Belomonte, a family-owned brush company that has been making brushes by hand since 1927. With a focus on the technique of hand tied stitching through a graphical pattern. The shape of the handle allows it to stand up right.

This project was created while my Internship with Clara von Zweigbergk in Stockholm.

My direct dedication startet from the beginning of the project till the end from: Ideating, Prototyping, Modeling and Rendering and Manufacturing communication.


Product: Brush

Material: Ash wood, Pig hair, Hand tied thread

Type: Clara von Zweigbergk, Client: Origin Made

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